Friday, February 8, 2013

Travel Tiles and Journey Roles

Well, nothing really new, but I did complete an actual set of Travel Tiles with each 3.75 in hexagon tile representing a 10 mile hex on the GM's map.  I created a hex for all types of common terrain (Plains, Scrub, Forest, Hills, Deep Forest, and Swamp),  and I did another batch of more exotic terrain (Barren, Desert, Jungle, Mountains, Lakes, and Oceans).  Pictured below are the Ocean, Plains, and Swamp Travel Tiles, you can see that each tile is broken up into 2.5 mile sub-hexagons that the party will typically make some progress even in the most difficult terrain.

These Travel Tiles can really add depth to the journey to the dungeon, cave or other quest goal.  I'm also going to include some game pieces in the set, so the GM can place Houses and Churches onto tiles to represent farms, villages, ruins or other places of interest that may be visible from a distance.  I also have "Stickered Pogs"  about 1.25 in across that will have the same type of terrain mentioned above.  These will allow a random Forest or Hill to be places on Travel Tile when the party is in the plains, or a few Jungle hexes to be added as the party crosses a tile of swamp terrain.  The orange and blue bars can be used for Trails and Streams (single bar) or Rivers and Roads (double bar).  A Blue disk could represent a lake on a prairie or forest, or an oasis in a desert.

I also completed some cheater cards for the GM and possibly players to know what the "Typical" progress required to travel each sub-hex (2.5 mile distance).  These show the typical values, but the GM can adjust these for their world or this particular forest or swamp, which may be more difficult or easy to cross than the one shown on the helper cards.  These are shown below, with an image of the front side of the deck as well.

The last cards I created are meant for the players to hold onto to represent the Role that their hero is currently in.  These are more defined in my previous post, but below I show the cards for the common Leader and Scout Journey Roles, and behind them are the specialty Journey Roles of Mountaineer and Navigator.

The complete list of Journey Roles are: Leader, Guide, Hunter, Gatherer, Lookout, Scout, Defender, Explorer, Wanderer and Porter (I did implement this one that I was still "iffy" about).  Then the specialty/optional list of Journey Roles are: Navigator, Ships' Crew, Mountaineer, Adviser, Trail Blazer, and Animal Handler (from the comments on the previous post).  Lastly I did a special type of Camp Role cards for the following: Guard, Resting, Crafting and Healer.

So in all there are 21 different roles.  Typically while traveling each day the hero will be in one role, this really represents their "Main" job, then at camp, they will likely be resting for two March Turns (a 4 hour block of time) and Guarding for another, but it is possible for the hero to switch into a different "Camp Role" for every March Turn at camp.  A typical night is three March Turns, in which they could, Craft for one, Rest for one, and Guard for the last, and on the next day assume their Travel Role again.

I don't have any "Action Shots" yet, as I'm still only halfway done uploading the images and stuff, and trying to decide the best way to package these...Currently thinking 12 terrain types x 5 tiles each = 60 (3.75" hexagon) tiles.

These Roles are unique ones, only one player at a time can be in them: Leader, Guide, Adviser and Navigator(4), and these are probably never going to have multiple people in them: Lookout, Trail Blazer and  Animal Handler (3).  These I could see parties doubling up on: Hunter, Gatherer, Scout, Wanderer, Defender, Porter, Healer and Mountaineer (so 8x2 = 16).

Then assume a three possible in these roles: Explorer, Mountaineer, Crafting and Ship's Crew (4x3 = 12), and assume a five person party for Resting and Guarding (2x5 = 10).  Then include a copies of the reference helper cars (2x3 = 6).  The total deck is 4+3+16+12+10+6 = 41...Might adjust the number to give a few extra copies just in case they get damaged...Maybe shoot for 60 here too.

Then throw in 20 blue stick, 20 orange sticks, ten houses, four churches, three lake discs and probably four pogs of each type of the 12 terrain, and another 12 specialty terrain (maybe replace the houses lakes with more of these as well)...say 40 sticks and 80 pogs w/ stickers.

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