Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beta Kick-off this week

Busy week cranking on the Quick-Start and Character Templates for the pre-gens to give the first and second batch of play-testers something to pick from.  The groups will have 4 to 6 players and I'll have 8 pre-gen heroes to choose from.  I'll be asking them feed on why the picked who they did, and what the heroes that didn't get selected are missing.

The area that I believe I'm lacking in from the alpha is the "Recovery-Model", so I'm sure the beta groups will have some feed back on this after the first few sessions.  The games will all be recorded as well, probably not publicly available, as one group is co-workers and the other is my first D&D group from High School (and before)...I got the old crew back together for this epic occasion.

Another major even this week, is I'm feeling really positive about the art work for the first time is a long time.  After about a month of pinging people on Deviant and getting no response, to may as well have been no response, to the I'll sign my name for $50, if you actually want a drawing well that starts at $100.

So, I posted an ad on CraigsList, and the response has been incredible.  I have a lot of good input from guys that knew they were out of my range, but at least a 1/3 were not only great artists, but within the range I was looking for.  The art definitely won't be cheap, but I had no thoughts that it was going to be.

I'm not sure I'll even need any of the artists that I'll see at GenCon.  Though it never hurts to have the discussions, it's been educational thus far.

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