Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer D&D

For those of you that have stumbled here looking for information on the summer Dungeons and Dragons for the kids, please email me at for more specific information, but high level I'd likely to using a game store as the host location, Village Games in Champlin or the  Fantasy Flight Event Center in Roseville are the locations I'm considering.  I'm thinking scheduling the game for every other Saturday at whichever location is decided on, from noon to 4p-ish,

I would like the kids to all start a new level one character, and the game system to be 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, beyond that I'd leave it up to the kids as to what they each want to create as their character.

Ultimately, I'd like a Dungeon Master (from the kids) to step forth for every 4 to 6 players, but I can also act as the DM for one of the groups, we'll have to see how many kids we have in the program.

The games will be free, but I do ask that you consider buying some food and drink from the game store that is providing the hosting, as thanks for using their space for the game, or even purchasing gaming supplies from them as well.

I'll be sending out more information once I start to hear from interested players.  Thanks!

-Troy Small

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